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Old 02-05-2008, 06:25 PM
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Default Samsung Officially released WM6 for Blackjack I607

Where Do I Obtain Windows Mobile 6 For My SGH-i607 (BlackJack) And What Does The Update Do?

Samsung has released a software upgrade for the BlackJack, which is highly recommended to be installed. This update includes an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.0 and numerous enhancements/corrections. The update may take up to 10 minutes to complete if the system is already set up. For detailed instructions on how to perform the update, see below.

Please Note: This Downloader Tool Is Not Compatible With Windows Vista

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Software Download
When selecting the "SGH-i607 (BlackJack) page" link in step #1 below, if this does not take you to the End User License Agreement (EULA) page for acceptance and download of the file, it is because there is a PopUp Blocker is enabled on your system. Please temporarily disable any PopUp Blockers that you have in order to download this file. The PopUp Blocker can be enabled again after the download is complete.
  1. Click here to go to the SGH-i607 (BlackJack) page
  2. Accept the EULA and click the Download button.
  3. Click Save and save the file to a specified location.
The Update Process will erase ALL user data from the device. Please ensure that all critical information has been backed up before applying this update.

Any installed programs and/or updates will need to be re-installed after applying this update.
This updater will only function correctly under Windows 2000 & XP.

This Update (the Downloader Tool) is not compatible with any other product.
  • Desktop/Laptop Computer Running Windows XP or Windows 2000
  • ActiveSync v4.2 (Or Higher) Installed and Functioning Properly
  • All Firewall & Anti-Virus Programs Should Be Disabled (See Article)
  • (1) Available USB Port
    • Direct connection of the USB cable to the computer's USB port is strongly advised. The use of a USB hub or docking station is NOT recommended.
  • Fully Charged Battery (Standard or Extended)
  • The SIM Card Should Be Removed From the phone
  • USB Data Cable (Included In Retail Box - P/N: PCB200BBE)
  • BlackJack Companion CD
Update Process Overview
  • Installation Of Activesync V4.2 (Or Higher)
  • Installation Of The Samsung Modem Drivers
  • Downloading Of The Software Update To The Phone
  • Verification Of The Phone's Software Version
To upgrade the software image on SGH-i607, perform the following steps. Prior to performing the software update, your handset must be able to communicate through ActiveSync in order for it to work (USB Cable required). Please contact Samsung Customer Care at 888-987-4357 for assistance prior to attempting to update.
A functioning ActiveSync connection is required for the update to work.
Step One:
Install Microsoft ActiveSync V4.2 (or higher) On The Computer
For information on installing Microsoft ActiveSync, please refer to the following article:
NOTE: Please allow Pop-ups on this page. The link below will open in a new window.
Step Two:
Install The Samsung Modem Drivers Onto The Computer.
  1. Install the SGH-i607 Modem USB drivers version MCCI 4.38 from the BlackJack Software Companion CD
  2. Insert the companion CD into your computer and browse the CD for the modem drivers are located in the \EXTRAS\DESKTOP\SAMSUNG_MODEM folder.
  3. Alternatively, the modem drivers may be downloaded from this URL:
  4. Double-click on the file setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the driver installation.
IMPORTANT NOTICE - Driver Download
If you selected the "Driver" link from the SGH-i607 (BlackJack) page and reached article regarding the Update for your BlackJack but were not taken to the End User License Agreement (EULA) page for acceptance and download of the file, it is because there is a PopUp Blocker is enabled on your system. Please temporarily disable any PopUp Blockers that you have in order to download this file. The PopUp Blocker can be enabled again after the download is complete.
  1. Click here to go to the SGH-i607 (BlackJack) page
  2. Select the Driver link from the grey right-hand navigation box.
    Note: Popup blockers must be disabled or the file will not download.
  3. Accept the EULA and click the Download button.
  4. Click Save and save the file to a specified location.
  5. Once downloaded, extract the contents to your Desktop.
    Note: A folder called Samsung_Modem will be created.
  6. Double click Samsung_Modem folder on your desktop and run the "Setup.exe" file to install.
5. Driver Installation will being with the following display:
6. The driver package has been successfully installed. Please click OK to continue.

  1. The BlackJack’s USB connection must be changed from ActiveSync to Modem.
  2. On the phone, press Start > Settings > Connections > USB.
  3. Using the directional pad, change the selection from ActiveSync to Modem, then select Done (left soft key).
  4. Connect the BlackJack directly to the computer using the included USB cable. The Found New Hardware wizard should then be displayed on the computer.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the Samsung modem driver installation.
  6. In addition to the SAMSUNG Mobile Modem, the SAMSUNG Mobile Modem Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM) is also installed.
  7. Both of these should be displayed in Device Manager.

Additionally under Universal Serial Bus controllers you should see
SAMSUNG USB Composite Device
8. Upon the completion of the install, click Start, select Run, type devmgmt.msc and click OK (or press Enter on the keyboard).
9. From The Device Manager window, click the + next to Modems and verify SAMSUNG Mobile Modem is listed.
10. Click the + next to Ports (COM & LPT) to verify that SAMSUNG Mobile Modem Diagnostic Serial Port (WDM) is listed.
11. Once verification of the modem installation is successfully completed, close the Device Manager and disconnect the USB cable from the phone.

If you DO NOT SEE the three device types (Samsung Composite, Samsung Modem, and Samsung Port) or they have yellow ?’s or red x’s, it is recommend to contact Samsung Customer Care to resolve this issue prior to you attempting to flash the handset. Please contact us toll free at 888-987-4357.
Step Three:
Backup data from the BlackJack to your computer using ActiveSync.
  1. On the phone, press Start > Settings > Connections > USB. Using the directional pad, change the selection from Modem to ActiveSync, then select Done (left soft key).
  2. Re-connect the phone to the USB cable (which should still be connected to the computer’s USB port).
  3. If not previously done, create a standard partnership between the computer and your BlackJack.
  4. Select the items you wish to backup, and then allow the synchronization to complete.
  5. When synchronization is complete and the selected data has been verified to have been successfully synchronized into Microsoft Outlook, disconnect the USB cable from the phone and power the phone off.
Step Four:
Disable USB Connections In ActiveSync.
  1. Open ActiveSync on the computer and click on File and select Connection Settings.
  2. Remove the check next to Allow USB connections, and then click on OK.

Step Five:
Begin Software Update Process.
  1. Power off your SGH-i607 (BlackJack) and disconnect the USB cable from the device.
  2. On the computer, double-click on the file SGH-i607 WM6 Upgrade.exe
  3. The following image shows the program's opening screen.
  4. For the ID prompt, enter 2639
  5. For the Key prompt, enter 4754
  6. Click on the Confirm button

7. With the phone still powered off, connect the phone to the computer using the USB Cable
Step Six:
Putting The BlackJack into USB Downloader Mode.
  1. Press and hold the two keys indicated by the Blue Arrows
    • Begin with the BlackJack powered off. Simultaneously press and hold the Right Soft Key and the Camera Button
  2. Press and Release the Power Button indicated by the Red Arrow.
    • While continuing to press and hold these buttons, momentarily press and release the power button.
  3. Release the Keys from Step 1
    • When the USB Downloader screen appears, release all buttons.
  1. With the BlackJack in USB Downloader mode, the software update program’s screen will display the screen shown below.
    • The handset should display “PC Connection OK, Single Mode”.
  2. Click on the Start button in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. After clicking on the Start button, several screens will be displayed.
  4. Below are a series of pictures of these screens showing steps during the process. The update process may take up to 10 minutes to complete as it goes through a three phase procedure.
Please Note!

Please do not interrupt the download process by removing the cable, closing the downloader program, powering off the computer, etc…

The BlackJack will automatically reboot when the update process has been completed.
If your device is turned on successfully, all downloading procedures are finished.

Step Seven:
Performing A Full Reset

After the download has completed, it is recommended that the user perform a command line reset. This is to ensure the EFS (Embedded File System) area is purged of all irrelevant data.
  1. Once the handset has rebooted to the Today Screen, enter the following code: *2767*3855#. The handset should display a message “Formatting- Please wait a moment”.
  2. The phone will reboot after the Full Reset as this is normal operation.
Step Eight:

Verifying The BlackJack's Software Version.

After the update process has completed, it is recommended that the user verify the software version of the phone.
  • To check the software version, enter the following information on the phone:
  • Both the PDA and Phone verions should show i607UCHA1. (See image below)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the handset shows the information is updated in one area and not in the other or you encounter an error during the flash process, please contact Samsung Customer Care at 888-987-4357.

Additional Detailed Information Of Items Contained Within S/W Update

Please see the condensed list below for details of some changes found in this HA1 update for the SGH-i607 (BlackJack).
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0
  • Microsoft Office Mobile (allows you to view & edit XLS and DOC files on the fly)
  • Video Share Calling Technology (allows you with supported plan and devices, to transmit live or recorded video to a recipient)
  • TeleNav & MobiTV capable
  • Modified UI with updated text & icons in several areas
  • Enhancements to improve call quality
  • Fixed, Contact lookup doesn’t work when saving embedded SMS phone number
  • Fixed, Several Bluetooth issues
  • Fixed, VCML count not displayed properly
  • Fixed, Media player issue
  • Fixed, Embedded URL in MMS could not be saved
  • Fixed, CV does not play in full screen mode
  • Fixed, Converter for currency now supports Canada
  • Fixed, Handset would sound tone when charger was inserted in Silent Mode
  • Integrated Daylight Savings Time Patch
  • Enhanced international roaming support (originally included in GB4 S/W)
Supplemental FAQs
  • Is The Upgrade For My SGH-i607 (BlackJack) From Windows Mobile 5 To Windows Mobile 6 Free Of Charge?
    • At this time, the update is free for BlackJack end users.
  • How Long Will The Upgrade Be Available For My SGH-i607?
    • Currently, there is no plan to remove the upgrade after this initial release.
  • If I Purchase A New SGH-i607, Will It Come With Windows Mobile 6?
    • There are currently no plans to roll out Windows Mobile 6 from the factory. It can be found online on Samsung’s website.
  • Does This Upgrade Contain Fixes Mentioned With The GB4 For My SGH-i607 That Was Released Last Year?
  • Do I Need to Upgrade To The GB4 S/W For My SGH-i607 Before I Can Upgrade To HA1?
    • The HA1 S/W can be applied to a BlackJack running either FJE or GB4 S/W.
  • If I Decide I Do Not Like The Update For My SGH-i607, Can I Reload The Old GB4 Software?
    • It is not recommended to regress backwards to a previous software load. Any attempts to perform a regression may render the handset inoperable. The GB4 S/W has been replaced with the HA1 on our website.

For more information on BlackJack (SGH-i607), check the Handy Resources links or click here.

Additionally, please feel free to visit our site dedicated to the BlackJack handset at http://www.samsungblackjack.com/.
Thanks for reading,
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