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Canon Digital Camera [캐논 디지탈 카메라] Canon Digital Camera [캐논 디지탈 카메라와 관련된 기술정보 포럼]

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Old 03-10-2008, 11:44 AM
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Default 얼굴사진 포토샵으로 작업하기


All-Over Skin Smoothing

Here's a way to give your subject a nice, youthful glow. It won't get rid of wrinkles or blemishes completely, but it will definitely cut down on the amount of spot-removal you'll have to do with the Healing brush later.
Step 1
Duplicate your background layer by going to Layer > Duplicate Layer. Name it Blur.

Step 2
Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set the radius to 50, and click OK.

Step 3
Now add a black layer mask to the Blur layer. Holding down the Alt key (Option on a Mac), click the Layer Mask button (circled).

Step 4
Hit B for the Brush tool. In the Options bar, pick a medium-sized, soft-edge brush, and slide the brush's opacity down to 30%. Be sure that white is set as your foreground color (circled), and paint your subject's skin until it looks smooth and glowing. If you overdo it, just reduce the layer's opacity.

A Bit Of Botox

With wrinkle removal, subtlety is your friend, especially because these days it's so easy to get rid of them.
Step 1
Go to Layer > New Layer. Name it Wrinkles, and click OK. Type J to get the Healing brush. (If the Spot Healing brush or the Patch tool comes up instead, hold down Shift and keep typing J until you see the one you want highlighted in the toolbar.) In the Options bar, grab the pulldown menu to choose Sample All Layers.

Step 2
To clean up the wrinkles, sample a nearby smooth spot by holding down Alt (Option) and clicking. Using a brush size just slightly wider than the wrinkle, paint over it. Photoshop will do the rest. One hint: since wrinkles get longer as we age, especially around the eyes, just shorten them to make someone look younger. Don't forget the neck!

Bright Eyes

This trick kills two birds with one stone -- it brightens the iris and whitens the whites of the eyes.
Step 1
Zoom in so you can't see much except the eyes. Choose the Adjustment layer button from the Layers palette, and select Curves.

Step 2
Hold down Ctrl (Command on a Mac) and click on a bright part of the white of one of the eyes. Then use your keyboard's up arrow key to raise that point on the curve.

Step 3
Now hold down Ctrl (Command) again, but this time click on a darker part of the iris. Use the down arrow to lower that point on the curve. Then click OK.

Step 4
Since we made an adjustment layer, there's already a mask. Fill it with black by making sure that black is your background color, and holding down Crtl (Command) + Delete.
Now hit B to get a brush, and paint the eyes to reveal your adjustment.

Pearly Whites

Tooth-whitening is similar to eye-brightening, but the Curves adjustment itself is different.
Step 1
Zoom into the teeth, and create another Curves adjustment layer. This time, hold down Ctrl (Command) and click on a midtone of the teeth to mark a point on the curve. Use the up arrow key to raise the point and brighten the teeth. Click OK.

Step 2
As in Bright Eyes step 4, fill the layer mask with black, and use a brush to reveal your whitened teeth. If you brightened them too much in step 1, just lower the layer's opacity.


© Shasti O'Leary Soudant/istockphoto.com (original)

- from PopPhoto.com
Thanks for reading,
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